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Tactical Duty Knife

Course Type: Mandatory Retraining

The Tactical Duty Knife is the least trained and most misunderstood tool carried by Law Enforcement. This 8-hour course is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of the Folding and Fixed Blade as a utility tool and in exigent circumstances, a weapon that can be used effectively for self-defense. Course topics will include: Policy considerations; Selection, Care and Carry methods for Edged Tools/Weapons; Deployment and Blade Capabilities; Weapon Retention and Combative skills.

Registration: November 16 - January 11

Date Class Name Start Time Stop Time Subject Instructor Location Classroom
January 10, 2024 Tactical Duty Knife 8:00 AM 5:00 PM Tactical Duty Knife Fletch Fuller SWFPSA 5-008